Monthly pest control

​ This service is for those that have a  zero tolerance  level for pests.  Monthly visits help to reinforce the  barrier around your home thus  reducing any  breakdown in our  treatment. Since visits occur  every  month, inspections are done more  frequently allowing us to keep up  with any new  activity and treat  accordingly. This is also the choice  if  you prefer Eco-Friendly products as  they do not  leave a long lasting  residual. 

 One time treatment

​ This service is perfect for rare  invasions. Examples  would  include,  but not limited to:

 Termite Inspection

 Termite treatment

 Rodent work

 Pigeons and other birds

 Bees, and Wasps

 Bed Bugs

 Exclusion work

Spider web removal in Rio Rancho and AlbuquerqueTechnician removing spider webs
Exterminator applying pesticides around exterior of home in AlbuquerqueTechnician applying 5 foot barrier around perimeter of home
 Quarterly pest control

 This is by far our most popular  service. Once your  home has been  serviced, and things are under  control, quarterly treatments will  maintain a pest-  free environment for  you and your family.  Quarterly  service allows us to use the best  products, and treatments to ensure  little critters will  not set up camp at  your home. If during the 3  month  period you should have a invasion,  just call.  No charge for us to come  out and spot treat.

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Rio Rancho & Albuquerque pest control

 Bi-monthly pest  control

 This is great for those that have a  moderate  infestation. In-between  services you may encounter  a bug  or two, however if at anytime  things get  crazy just call us. We will  come out and do a spot  treatment  to rid the problem at no cost to  you. 

Whether you own your home or rent a house, apartment, condo, or townhouse in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, we have pest control services that are custom tailored to meet your pest control needs. With just over 14 years experience we are on top of treatment options and current treatment procedures to keep your home free of pest, while keeping your family safe.

​ Pest in your home are not only annoying, but they can also cause damage, and health issues. All our pest control treatments start with a thorough inspection to identify what issues you may have, and what may be causing them. Then we set a clear plan of attack to help eliminate the problem.

 Atomic Pest Control does not require a contract. We strongly believe in customer service. We work hard to keep you satisfied, that way, we know we will have a customer for life. All of our pest control services are scheduled with you, so you will never get a unexpected bill for a service you were not aware of.